Trekathon 276: Dramatis Personae (DS9)

June 20th, 2010

Time for DS9 to take another run at the ‘possessed by alien energy’ plot. This one works a lot better than The Passenger, but that’s not a hard bar to clear.

There are some nice bits and pieces – Sisko as the disengaged yet vicious leader was nice. It was also a nice touch that the aliens were just twisting reactions and events, rather than replacing people’s memories wholesale. But it developed out of hand a bit too quickly, with Kira skipping from ‘annoyed’ to ‘assassinate the Commander’ too quickly to be believable even with the aliens.

I’m normally pretty easy to please in terms of suspending disbelief, but the ending with the alien energy sucked out of them and then sucked out into space? That was a bit too much even for me. For once, I think I’d have preferred the technobabble.

276 down, 461 to go.