Trekathon 266: Battle Lines (DS9)

Deep Space 9 focuses on the gamma quadrant for the first time. It’s a bit of the setting that so far has only gotten short shrift. Even here it’s just an excuse to put people in a more remote location.

Each of the main characters has been getting a bit of a chance for character development over the past few episodes, and this time it’s Kira’s turn to try and come to terms with the person that she had to become for the resistance. The main flaw of the episode is that too much time is spent on the very technobabbly search for the missing people, and not enough time with the crashed crew. It just felt like padding, and it came at the expense of more exploration of the parallels between Kira and the two warring groups on the moon.

The other thing this episode highlights is that so far we only get characterisation for the person in the spotlight. Kira had to be on this mission, but the parts of Sisko and Bashir could have been filled by almost anyone. That’s mainly a symptom of this being a young show, and presumably the writers are having to produce scripts in isolation from the other parts being built, but it does weaken the overall development of the show.

266 down, 471 to go.