Trekathon 265: Vortex (DS9)

This is an interesting episode – in retrospect it’s really the first real step into the major plot arc of the series, the Dominion. But I suspect that wasn’t really intended at the time.

Of course, it’s never really clear if Odo’s prisoner is just lying about everything, or if there is a grain of truth in his claims about changelings. The name is right, and he has other details correct as well.

Giving Odo a bit more character and depth is a welcome development, as so far he’s been a bit one dimensional. The conflict between his desire to do his job, and his desire to find out about his people is a good way to drive the plot, but his prosthetic makeup makes it very hard for the emotion to come across.

While the episode overall isn’t particularly stellar, it is one of the strongest DS9’s to date, mainly by dint of having fewer missteps than average so far.

265 down, 472 to go.