Trekathon 259: Birthright, Part I (TNG)

Ah, crossover time, as the Enterprise visits Deep Space 9.

Well, it’s not really a crossover. More just a couple of cameos, and some new sets.

Anyway, there are two parts to the episode. The Data subplot, with him discovering his ability to dream, is nicely done, and is a clever way to build the character. There’s the usual excellent acting from Brent Spiner, especially as the dream-Dr-Soong.

But then there’s the Worf plot, which suffers from a bad case of the two-part episode syndrome – not much happens. It’s a bit better than some of the past two-parters, mainly because of the focus on Worf’s initial reaction to the news of his father. But there’s not enough happening in the rest to maintain the momentum of the episode.

259 down, 478 to go.