Trekathon 253: Aquiel (TNG)

I blame this episode for me being so far behind. I started watching on the plane to San Francisco, but it was so dull I fell asleep part way through. And then I could never quite rouse the interest level to get back to it until today.

All of the skeleton of a good episode is here – La Forge falls in love with a girl he’s investigating, but she might not be herself. But the delivery is overlong, distracted by the Klingon subplot, and full of distractions. For me, the biggest flaw was that ‘meta’ element of knowing that animals are on screen are such a big hassle that the dog had to be a part of the plot. Oh, and plot advancement through video diaries? No. Don’t do that again.

Honestly one of the worst episodes of this show in some time.

253 down, 484 to go.