Trekathon 251: Ship in a Bottle (TNG)

For a while it looked like the Holodeck was going to get badly overused in Star Trek. A lot of that was probably due to the fact that the first ‘good’ episode (The Big Goodbye) was a holodeck one. But it’s been used sparingly enough that the teaser make you glad its back.

Moriaty’s trick was a pretty clever one, but it was a bit hard to believe that everyone would so readily accept the idea that Holodeck matter could leave the Holodeck. The laws of physics are the laws of physics, Scotty notwithstanding. But that quibble aside it was enjoyably paced, allowing the viewer to get jut one step ahead of the plot.

251 down, 486 to go. And yeah, look at me. I took May off and half of June as well. But never fear! I have a new schedule, and I’ll still be finishing on time.