Trekathon 247: Emissary (2) (DS9)

May 1st, 2010

Unusually for a two-part episode, this one is actually pretty even in quality (the last to manage that was Encounter at Farpoint, which was uniformly bad). Well, it was originally a feature length pilot I suppose.

The plot picks up station-side, with the character introduction coming to an end, and switching instead to some fairly simple action. Sisko gets a lot more character development, but there just isn’t enough action. The wormhole alien segment drags on way too long – the “what is this” questions are interesting at first, but just become repetitive and dull after about 5 minutes.

But overall, I think that Star Trek fans would be rightfully optimistic at the start this new series is off to.

247 down, 490 to go.