Trekathon Season Review: The Next Generation, Season 4

April 9th, 2010

Because of how far behind I’d gotten I had to get through this season very quickly – all of it in less than a week.

Overall this season suffers from wild swings from good to bad. There are a lot of great episodes: Brothers, Reunion, The Drumhead, The Mind’s Eye, Redemption. But then there’s also Qpid,, Legacy and worst of all Devil’s Due.

The actors have really settled into the characters now, and the writers are just starting to play around with more arc-based, serial story telling. But there’s also been a bit of a drop in the quality control, or maybe just the judgement about what’s a good story and what’s not. A lot of the problems aren’t with the writing, like Season One, but with the basic premise of the story – many of the bad to average episodes were simply doing as well as possible with that premise.

It’s a little tricky to slot this season into the rankings. Clearly it’s worse than the previous season of TNG, and better than Season Two. I think, by a very narrow margin, it’s a little worse than the second series of TOS, but a little better than the first.

That brings the rankings so far to:

  • TNG Season 3

  • TOS Season 2

  • TNG Season 4

  • TOS Season 1

  • TNG Season 2

  • TAS Season 1

  • TOS Season 3

  • TAS Season 2

  • TNG Season 1

So another season down, and 9,439 minutes watched. And I’ve written a little over 34,000 words in these reviews so far. Next we have year 5 of TNG, and also coming up to Star Trek VI. Season 5 will be the last time that there’s only a single Star Trek series running at once until we get to the final two seasons of Voyager. Oh, and one day ahead of schedule.