Trekathon 244: Chain of Command, Part I (TNG)

Shortest teaser in an episode? At about 40 seconds, it’s pretty close. I’ve noticed that the shortest teasers seem to go with the best episodes.

The premise to take Picard out of command, put him on a secret mission, and put someone else in charge of the Enterprise, is pretty silly, and stretches believability. Is there no Starfleet Special Forces that could have gone?

The bit of the episode devoted to the new Captain taking charge is interesting – he’s of the school of thought that you need to put your own stamp on those areas you’re in charge of. He’s a bit of a dick about it, but it’s a bit of a dick way of managing an organisation.

The Picard/Crusher/Worf scenes are more of the ‘two parter prologue’ type, but that’s more than made up for by the sheer creepiness of the final scene between Picard and his Cardassian captor.

244 down, 493 to go.