Trekathon 241: Rascals (TNG)

Oh dear, Star Trek babies…

(OK, teenagers. But still).

So, it’s a silly idea, and I wasn’t a fan from the start. But the actor playing the ‘young’ Picard won me over – he managed a fair impersonation (not perfect, but very good). The others weren’t bad either – I did feel that they were still ‘themselves’ even in a different actor. I was won over to the idea of a story about coming to terms with this kind of change, even if the reset button would be coming at the end.

But then the writers seemed to just lose confidence in their concept, and so suddenly the ship is taken over by Ferengi, and the story becomes much less interesting. In particular, the story is no longer about the four being children any more – instead, it’s *Home Alone* on a spaceship. It’s the sharpest turn from OK to bad I’ve seen so far.

241 down, 496 to go. And 33.31% complete, or 6 minutes short of one third of the Trekathon.