Trekathon 234: Time’s Arrow (TNG)

Silly Data. You’re meant to leave your *heart* in San Francisco, not your *head*.

Much like *Unification* this episode suffers a bit from the prologue problem – not as badly as Unification, as at least this doesn’t feel too much like padding. But it’s hard to judge, as it feels like only half a story – not a cliffhanger per se.

It falls into the same problem a lot of time travel episodes have, with the gratuitous name dropping. Just once I’d like a time travel episode where they *don’t* run into a famous person, or some critical event.

Of the season ending two-parters (*Best of Both Worlds*, *Redemption* and this) it’s clearly the weakest – good, but not great. There isn’t the same sense of broad consequences, just a risk for one of the crew.

234 down, 503 to go.