Trekathon 223: Power Play (TNG)

There are quite a few people around who dislike particular characters in this show. The top three would pretty clearly be Lwaxana Troi, Wesley Crusher and Deanna Troi. This epsode shows, for at least one of the three, that the problem is more in the writing than the actress. Marina Sirtis manages quite a clever transformation, appearing both like and unlike her normal self.

(That’s not to dismiss Brent Spiner, but we already know he’s awesome. And sorry Colm Meaney, but maybe you need a little more practice at this type of thing).

Fundamentally the episode isn’t anything very special. It’s a fairly run of the mill ‘alien terrorists with hostages’ plot, the only unique element of which is the aliens being in the bodies of regular crew. Nicely done, but just not that interesting.

223 down, 514 to go.