Trekathon 216: A Matter of Time (TNG)

It would seem that Captain Picard and company have never heard of James Randi, Richard Dawkins, or even good old PZ, or really any kind of skepticism.

There is just not enough disbelief in a guy who turns up and says “I’m from the future”. Picard says ‘his credentials check out’, but honestly, really? As it turns out, they can’t possibly have. And was his behaviour really plausible for a time traveller from the future at any point?

It’s meant to be a light, more comedic episode (the time traveller part was written for Robin Williams according to [Memory Alpha](, but I don’t like plots that require the crew to wander around like idiots. There is a great speech scene from Picard, but that’s undermined by being pretty sure the time traveller is not what he seems to be.

Great Star Trek moment: the first appearance of the ‘Temporal Prime Directive’, albeit as a rhetorical device by Picard.

216 down, 521 to go.