Trekathon 215: Unification II (TNG)

That’s more like it. There’s still a bit of padding with the bar scenes (although who would want to miss out on Klingon Opera?).

But again, the scenes on Romulus are good. It’s a complicated political story, without a lot of action, but tension develops well. The main weak point is Sela: she’s still a bit of a comic book villain without enough depth, though, complete with a bad case of monologuing. And leaving the good guys in a room with a computer terminal? Go read the Evil Overlord list before your next plot.

(I thought the movie tie-in was quite well done, it made sense in context).

It is simply fantastic seeing Spock back. It was all great, but the scene with Data was the highlight. Nimoy’s acting is great, even down to the subtle wrongness of the Spock hologram.

Great line: “I think I’ll take this opportunity to remove my ears”.

215 down, 522 to go.