Trekathon 209: Darmok (TNG)

April 11th, 2010

The Redemption two-parter might be why I started watching Star Trek, but this episode is why I kept watching.

On paper the premise for this episode sounds like a promise for some dreadful television: Picard tries to learn a new alien language.

But the execution is simply flawless. It’s wonderful to have truly ‘alien’ aliens, even if I’m not really sure that a language by metaphor can work (how do you learn the metaphors in the first place?).

And by the time we reach the final scene, Picard is able to talk fluently in the Alien’s tongue. And not only is it credible, we actually understand him as well.

Overall, one of the best episodes to date.

Great Star Trek moment: first appearance of the ‘Captain’s Jacket’ alternate uniform for Picard.

209 down, 528 to go.