Trekathon 208: Redemption II (TNG)

Off we go, onto the 10th season of all Star Trek.

Back when I first watched this episode I really enjoyed the Sela story and reveal. But I’d never watched any of the earlier episodes with Tasha Yar, or even seen Yesterday’s Enterprise. And it just doesn’t make enough sense in the light of those other factors.

For the rest of the episode, I quite enjoyed the ‘preparing for war’ parts of the episode, when we’re with the Enterprise. But the Klingon sections just felt too over the top. There was a bar scene that made the bar scene in the second *Pirates of the Caribbean* movie look restrained. I know Klingons are warlike, but they’re not total idiots. And the Data subplot was a little too ‘by the numbers’, although at least we were spared the ‘Oh, now I respect you’ scene with the first officer.

208 down, 529 to go.