Trekathon 201: Qpid (TNG)

So, the good: the return of Vash, who I enjoyed in *Captain’s Holiday*, Q is back for his annual torment of Picard. Should be a great episode.

Unfortunately, someone then got the great idea of ‘you know what would be fun? Picard and co as Robin and his merry men’. And no, it’s not good.

The premise isn’t the only problem here – the writing is clunky, and whoever wrote Picard and Vash’s dialogue clearly watched one too many episodes of *Moonlighting*[^1].

This brings the current run to five bad to mediocre episodes in a row, unfortunate after such a strong start to the season.

201 down, 536 to go.

[^1]: Which, to be honest, I’ve never seen – I just know the accepted pop culture reference for the ‘arguing couple actually in love’ thing is Moonlighting.