Trekathon 190: Final Mission (TNG)

April 4th, 2010

Farewell Wesley, we hardly knew thee. Good riddance, many would say.

Actually, the horrible Wesley Crusher who always saves the day is another myth that just hasn’t stood up to re-watching (or, in many cases, watching) these episodes afresh. He doesn’t save the day that often (in fact, if you counted ‘net’ saves of the Enterprise, subtracting the accidental destructions, I think he’s at zero). The problem was really some very bad writing in Season One, and then writers who haven’t known what do with him since.

There’s a nice father-son dynamic between Wesley and Picard in this episode, which manages to make sense in the light of everything that’s come before this. The B-plot, with the Enterprise trying to move a derelict ship, was an unwelcome distraction – I think the episode would have been stronger without it. A good farewell, and I have to agree with Picard: “he will be missed”.

190 down, 547 to go.