Trekathon 184: Brothers (TNG)

April 4th, 2010

So: Data has shown he has a security vulnerability that allows someone to remotely give him orders, and he also has the ability to single handedly take control of the Enterprise against the will of everyone else on board. Surely at least a minor security review is called for. Rather than just letting him back on board with no apparent concerns.

Brent Spiner is one hell of an actor. He manages to build thee distinct performances for Data, Lore and Soong, close enough to be related yet distinct enough that we can (when needed) tell the difference between them just on the facial expressions. I honestly doubt that there are very many actors who could pull this off, let alone in the time constraints of a weekly TV show’s filming.

This is about the fourth or fifth episode which opens with a really unpromising scene (here the child in trouble for the prank) only to go on to be a great episode. I think the writers are deliberately toying with me at this point.

184 down, 553 to go.