Trekathon 182: The Best of Both Worlds, Part II (TNG)

It is a real and genuine problem of two-part episodes like this hat the second part is a bit of a let down. The first episode gets to set up incredible situations, like that guy in the meeting with the incredible ideas. The second episode has to be the guy in the meeting who has to think about reality, such as providing enough of a ‘reset button’ to allow a weekly TV series to carry on.

That’s especially the case when the writers haven’t thought about the second part until after the first episode has been done.

Personally I’m not so negative about the episode as a lot of people are: it does a good job of closing up the first part of the episode. There are some let downs, such as not getting to see the battle of Wolf 359, but overall it’s about as good a follow up to part one as could be done.

182 down, 555 to go.