Trekathon 169: A Matter of Perspective (TNG)

Star Trek meets Rashomon.

The fundamental plot idea here is a good one – sifting through different points of view to work out who is guilty of a crime. But it falters on a few false elements. Firstly, the points of view are a little too diverged to make it feel like everyone was honestly just seeing things differently. It’s hard to reconcile Riker’s and the wife’s version of events.

Secondly, and more damningly, the final reveal drags on seemingly forever. They devote a solid ten minutes to reviewing all the little clues and bits of testimony to pull things together, and it just drags. Some tighter writing could have produced a much more compact ‘drawing room scene’ for the end of the episode.

(Also: surely they could have had Data do the reveal at the end, he is the one with the Sherlock Holmes obsession).

169 down, 568 to go.