Trekathon 164: The Vengeance Factor (TNG)

Star Trek: CSI.

Seriously: this episode has DNA tests, mysterious deaths, super-human databases with all the information that’s convenient to the plot, and even photo enhancement that puts in things missing from the original photo. And all this 11 years before the first episode of CSI.

Still, the reason that there are three CSI TV series is that it’s a strong formula. It works well here, especially with the relationship between Yuta and Riker creating some additional conflict.

My only complaint: The gatherers appear to have been shopping at the Mad Max Clothing and Hair Product store. It would have been hard to have a more cliche set of costuming for the renegade outlaws. Oh well, I suppose this was the last episode to air in the 1980s.

164 down, 573 to go.