Trekathon 161: Booby Trap (TNG)

March 21st, 2010

Another episode that dances around the subject of Holodeck porn. The reality of the 24th century would be that the computer’s memory would be stuffed with no end of it, but somehow all we ever see in the show is the kiss.

A lot was done right in this episode: Picard’s fascination with the alien ship, Geordi’s lovelorn hopelessness, Leah Brahms (or rather, a holographic simulation of her) helping out on the engine stuff. But the trap never developed enough of a sense of menace, and there was an awful lot of technobabble in the holodeck scenes. Not enough to make this a bad episode by any means, just the things that were holding it back from being great.

161 down, 576 to go.