Trekathon 159: Who Watches the Watchers? (TNG)

March 17th, 2010

I know the moral of this episode was supposed to be ‘gosh, isn’t the Prime Directive wise’. But that wasn’t my interpretation. I’d suggest the opposite – the episode shows that the ‘cultural contamination’ is more a result of not controlling contact, not the contact itself.

Anyway, leaving aside my Prime Directive problems, I was surprised to find myself enjoying this one. Picard’s explanation of technology (‘Clarkes Third Law’ really) was a great conversation, beautifully acted. And the planet side scenes were quite believable (for the most part – the ending wasn’t great).1

Great Star Trek moment: the reappearance of Vasquez Rocks. Yay!

159 down, 578 to go.

  1. Although someone hasn’t been keeping up to date on their Star Trek lore when writing this one. The race are described as ‘proto-Vulcans’, and are logical and relatively emotionless. But previous episodes have established that Vulcans were actually quite violent at this point in their evolution.