Trekathon 158: The Survivors (TNG)

Ah, it’s the super-powerful alien again. Well, I suppose it had been quite a while, really (The Royale was the last, I think).

The episode is a bit of a throw back to The Original Series in a lot of ways. It had echoes of *The Man Trap* and *Metamorphosis*, but also still had its own unique plot.

Two things bothered me. Firstly, it didn’t seem very ‘Picard’ to be so mysterious and unforthcoming about his intuitions and discoveries. And Troi was just dreadful.

The reactions at the end also bothered me. They don’t like the fact that the alien could have saved the colony but didn’t. But how is that different really from the prime directive? Seemed like hypocrisy to me.

158 down, 579 to go.