Trekathon 156: Evolution (TNG)

And on to Season 3.

The ‘Wesley nearly destroys the ship’ thing was a nice change from the earlier ‘Wesley saves the day’, but it bugged me that no one ever seemed to mind that a dangerous experiment had gotten out of hand. Surely a stern talking to, at least, is called for in this kind of circumstance.

That problem aside, this wasn’t too bad – not firing on all cylinders, but not bad. The obsessed scientist is pretty good, and Dr Crusher’s concerns over Wesley are a nice addition.

(BTW, I was having a bad case of ‘what is Dr Kelso doing in space’ through this episode).

Today’s aside: the return of Beverly Crusher. One of the interesting features of The Next Generation is how stable the cast was. There were really only two changes to the core cast: the one year absence of Beverley Crusher, and the departure of Wesley Crusher. It’s a sign of how strong the casting at the start was, because that’s far less change than the average show sees over seven years.

156 down, 581 to go.