Trekathon 152: Manhunt (TNG)

Poor Star Trek fans. After the shock of how bad Star Trek V is, what do they get when they turn back to the TV? A Lwaxana Troi episode.

I do have to admit – I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the previous one. The first appearance of Mrs Troi was played just a touch too flamboyantly. But here she at least has some excuse for her actions, which makes her much more sympathetic. It’s also fun to see Picard run away from her into the Dixon Hill holodeck.

In fact, the only thing holding this back from being a ‘great’ episode is that it really isn’t about anything, but it’s worth noting that it’s the first time that not having a ‘jeopardy’ plot hasn’t undermined the episode fatally.

152 down, 585 to go.