Trekathon 147: Pen Pals (TNG)

The little known ‘it’s OK if it’s a cute little girl’ exception to the Prime Directive.

Data seems off in this episode. It just doesn’t seem in character for him to develop this kind of attachment – he’s not sentimental, as he has no emotions. Just a strange kind of off note.

The Wesley B-Plot is actually pretty good – Wesley has command for the first time, and manages it without being an obnoxious dick, and only lets people walk all over him a little bit.

As an aside, can I say that I find mind wipes very creepy. I hope that we never, ever develop the technology, because I can’t think of anyone I’d trust with it.

I find it very hard to believe that the entire command staff of a starship will spend 5 minutes talking about allocation of tasks to an ensign. And, for that matter, I’m pretty sure that senior staff doesn’t normally include lieutenants, no matter if they’re in the main credits or not.

147 down, 590 to go.