Trekathon 145: Time Squared (TNG)

March 12th, 2010

Star Trek’s first time loop. We’ve seen a bit of time travel before, but it’s previously just been to get the Enterprise to a new setting. I actually like this kind of story, when done well it can be engrossing (if a little hard to follow).

The build up is very well done, with a good sense of mystery (and a pretty good mystery as well, with the alternate Picard). But the resolution falls short of great – the ending is interesting, but there’s something about the interaction between the two Picards that felt wrong to me. Picard must have some complicated demons, because he doesn’t seem to like himself very much at all.

This idea will be done better in future episodes. Or perhaps they were past episodes, time is such a tricky thing.

145 down, 592 to go.