Trekathon 144: The Royale (TNG)

Important message for the writers of Star Trek: just because you say that the book the culture is based on is bad doesn’t excuse you from the bad writing. Oh well, the run of good episodes had to end.

The episode is a flashback to The Original Series, with Riker, Worf and Data trapped in a casino hotel based on a book left by a crashing ship. Oh, and they’re basically super-powerful aliens too. What’s not to like…

Math fail: The Fermat last theorem thing. Like that wasn’t going to get solved eventually. And then they say the probability of a six is the same as the probability of a seven. NO IT’S NOT!

(There are 36 possible rolls of the dice. Five of them give a 6, but six of them give a 7. So the odds a slightly better for a seven. Riker might not know that, but Data should).

144 down, 593 to go.