Trekathon 141: The Measure of a Man (TNG)

Another good episode – hey, that’s two in a row!

While I’m not convinced by the legal procedure used by the JAG office, it gets us into a great situation: Picard facing off against Riker to prove that Data is sentient. OK, so that’s a setup for a bunch of lengthy courtroom scenes. But I kinda like courtroom scenes. They’re a good opportunity for actors to perform.

The moment, for instance, when Riker comes up with a brilliant ploy, and then realises what it means, is wonderfully played. It really shows the strength of the actors. Picard, Riker and Data all make what could very easily be dull scenes come alive.

Great Star Trek moment: The first poker game of the officers, a game that will show up again and again.

141 down, 596 to go.