Trekathon 140: A Matter of Honor (TNG)

March 9th, 2010

Riker goes on a holiday on a Klingon ship.

It’s just about the most we’ve ever seen of Klingons to this point, and while the culture is a bit primitive (rargh, warriors) it’s drawn out quite nicely, and the dinner scene makes them feel more like a culture than a one-note villain factory.

The plot is a bit silly, with a fundamental math problem that bugged me once I thought about it. The microscopic bacteria doubles in size every fifteen minutes. We then hear that there’s a spot of it fifteen centimetres across on the Klingon ship. They say that it will take 8 hours to destroy the ship – but that would make the bacteria 644,000 km across.

Still, math nerd complaints aside, a good episode.

140 down, 597 to go.