Trekathon 138: The Schizoid Man (TNG)

Here’s a helpful hint if you’re ever on board a starship in similar situations to these ones: when you’re emotionless android suddenly has human emotions, the correct answer is to lock him up and *then* find out what’s going on. Especially if he’s super strong and acting irrationally and jealously.

At this point, you’d think they’d be considering some kind of “is this really Data” test to be deployed every day or so, to make sure Data hasn’t been replaced or taken over.

Once we’re past the slight dose of the idiot plot the episode picks up. It’s a great performance from Brent Spiner, as he subtly twists Data in different directions. And to be fair, the crew isn’t as stupid here as in some past episodes – they do work it out fairly quickly.

138 down, 599 to go. And I’ve half caught up on the latest mini-hiatus (4 episodes behind).