Trekathon 136: The Outrageous Okona (TNG)

Apparently the writers think the most important character to resurrect from the Original Series is Harry Mudd. It’s hard to see the character of Okona as anything other than a direct copy, which is not a good sign. After all, the Mudd episodes were some of the worst.

The first act (‘oh, the charming rogue’) is then followed by the second act (‘Data tries to find out what funny is’), and about the point that they were doing Jerry Lewis impressions I would have given up if this wasn’t part of the project.

As it turns out, I should have stopped while I was ahead. Because then we plunge into a bad retelling of Romeo & Juliet, written by someone who didn’t really understand the story. Soon there will be two good episodes in a row, but not now.

A side note: it’s nice to see that the first search result for a great comic *wasn’t* from the 20th century for a change.