Trekathon 135: Elementary, Dear Data (TNG)

So, apparently the programmers of the Enterprise Holdodeck have never heard of elementary computer security, such as not allowing programs to escalate their privileges and execute arbitrary code.

This means I’ve got a bit more suspension of disbelief than usual to do. Alien species, faster than light, those are all easy. But the idea that computer security would be so lax on a military ship? Difficult.

With suspension of disbelief in hand, though, this is really a fantastic little episode. The growth of the Moriaty character on the Holodeck is great, and the episode is mercifully devoid of the idiot plot at all.

It’s a little strange, but the two best episodes so far of TNG are both set on the Holodeck. Gee, I hope the writers don’t run that into the ground later…

This episode also has pretty much the dirtiest Star Trek line ever: “Then I shall fill you with crumpets, Madam”.

135 down, 602 to go.