Trekathon 134: Where Silence Has Lease (TNG)

Oh dear, it’s the superpowerful aliens again.

It’s a crutch for lazy writers, really. You can ignore logic, and don’t have to worry too much about the plot. So you end up with a universe that seems to be packed with super-powerful aliens around every other corner.

The episode does have some nice pieces: Worf and Riker on the Yamato, Picard and his conversation with the faux-Troi and Data. There’s also a good sense of menace in the episode. But things fall off the rails in the final third, with the resolution basically coming down to Picard sulking.

Oh, and Doctor Pulaski really needs to stop with the Data bashing. I think they were going for something more like Bones/Spock relationship, but it just comes across as mean.

134 down, 603 to go.