Trekathon 133: The Child (TNG)

Welcome to Season 2. And we’re off to a pretty heavy dose of retooling. A new doctor, a new set (complete with stunt recurring guest star), some reshuffling of roles, and even a uniform for Wesley. Oh, and the bead. Thank goodness for Riker’s beard, it’s absence had been unsettling me.

Some things haven’t changed – we’re in a conference room inside the first 10 minutes.

Overall I didn’t like the episode very much. The ‘Troi has a son’ thing is just weird, and never gets satisfactorily explained. And the emotional connection doesn’t come through either. So it’s just a case of ‘bleh’. And then there was the strange subplot involving the plague specimens or something, which I didn’t quite follow and had all the excitement of watching people count things.

133 down, 604 to go.