Trekathon Season Review: The Original Series, Season 2

Season 2 built well on the start of Season 1. Unlike Season 1 this really felt like Star Trek throughout.

There’s a mix of good and bad in the individual episodes. Unlike Season 1, there are some genuine stinkers: Catspaw, in particular. But also some true classics, such as Mirror, Mirror and The Trouble with Tribbles.

The Red Shirts? 8 this season, although five of them happened in a single episode. That’s a total of 11, or one Red Shirt every five episodes. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s something that starts in Season 3, but really I’ve got to say it’s not a very fair stereotype so far.

Overall, I think that as a Season of Star Trek, I’d have to rate Season 2 over Season 1. It’s more consistent as Star Trek, while still having some very good episodes. But it’s a pretty close run thing.

The ratings so far:

1. TOS Season 2

2. TOS Season 1

2.750 minutes down, 30,395 to go.