Trekathon Season Review: The Animated Series, Season 2

It’s not completely fair to treat this as a complete season. After all, it’s only six episodes long. But it’s technically a season, so here we go.

There’s nothing terrible here. But by the same token, there’s also nothing very good, certainly nothing of the quality of *Yesteryear* in season one. The biggest thing to say about it is that it is, without question, Star Trek. Not only are the characters strongly consistent, but it has a clear place in the evolution of the series between The Original Series and The Next Generation.

I’m very glad that I’ll never have to hear the one piece of ‘action sequence’ music the budget for the series allowed for. It’s been going through my head for a while now.

So the real question for the rankings here is – is a season of six ‘average-ish’ episodes to be preferred to a Season 3 of The Original Series, where there are a lot of terrible episodes, but also a couple of great ones? Overall, I think I’d rather have the good (with the bad) than the strictly average.

The rankings so far:

1. TOS Season 2

2. TOS Season 1

3. TAS Season 1

4. TOS Season 3

5. TAS Season 2

Next to step over the longest period without Star Trek since the first episode yet – 1,882 days – and to the first of the eleven movies.

So far, that’s 5 seasons down, 2 series completed, 4,375 minutes (of which 202 minutes were opening and closing credits), 13.22% complete. Oh, and 16,719 words written in this topic so far.