Trekathon 126: The Arsenal of Freedom (TNG)

For a moment I thought everyone was going to get over the case of the stupids they’ve been experiencing since the start of season one. They pick up the fake Starfleet officer very quickly. But then Captain Picard falls in a hole. Oh, and then despite the fact that they’re within fifteen seconds run of the others Tasha can’t find them.

Half a good episode – the La Forge subplot on the Enterprise was pretty entertaining, with La Forge fending off a near mutiny from the Chief Engineer, fighting the ship, otherwise just being awesome.

But back on the planet we have an after-school special on why weapon merchants are evil. With a very bad case of the stupids with no one thinking to say “Please end the demonstration, we’d like to buy” until the last 5 minutes of the episode.

126 down, 611 to go.