Trekathon 125: Heart of Glory (TNG)

February 25th, 2010

Worf gets an episode at last. I think the only real failing here is that it’s hard to appreciate any kind of deep cultural struggle wihin Worf because he hasn’t mentioned a single thing about being a Klingon to this point. To an extent that’s admirable – he just fits in with the rest of the crew. But it undermines this episode, because we never have any real reason to believe that Worf is tempted by the Klingon renegades, other than perhaps having some sympathy for them. That kind of ruins the suspense.

There was some more superb security from Tasha Yar here: there’s a ship of unknown origin and status, and she doesn’t send anyone to accompany the first officer, second officer and navigator. And then she doesn’t have the prisoners searched for, say, the components of a weapon?

Oh, and the ‘Picard geeks out on new technology even though they’re on a time critical mission’ bit was funny, but seemed out of character. He may be fascinated by that stuff, but he also has a sense of place and priorities.

Great Star Trek moment: although it passes practically unheralded, this episode has the first on-screen use of the replicator.

125 down, 612 to go.