Trekathon 124: Coming of Age (TNG)

I have to assume that the competitive selection for Starfleet Academy is a new thing. Because otherwise we wouldn’t have seen the stupidity levels from the crew we have so far.

On paper, this would seem to be the dullest episode ever: Wesley takes a test, Picard has an inspection. To make things even duller, the outcomes of both are foregone conclusions: Picard won’t leave the Enterprise, and neither will Wesley (at least, not yet).

But despite that it works. The actors are really starting to have a good sense of the characters. But more importantly here the writing comes together. It made this one of the three or four best episodes of this season. For instance, there’s a lovely moment where Worf actually seems like a real live Starfleet officer. It’s the first time he’s done anything but snarl at people.

And there’s even a hook into a broader plot to be picked up in a later episode.

Quote of the episode; “It’s a good thing you’re cute Wesley, otherwise you’d be obnoxious”.

124 down, 613 to go.