Trekathon 117: The Big Goodbye (TNG)

At long last, the inaugural Holodeck malfunction.

The Holodeck is just such a magnificent concept though. Without the malfunctions it wouldn’t make for good television. But while watching the start of the episode I was struck by the idea of playing *Mass Effect 2* in a Holodeck, and that’s enough to make me want to jump into cryogenic suspension until the 24th century.

Picard clearly has the same joy with the Holodeck. The scene with him in the briefing room at the start of the episode explaining why he enjoyed the Holodeck so much is beautiful in its dorkiness.

The regular crew also have a lot of fun with their ‘wow, this is the 20th century’ tricks – Picard lighting a cigarette, Crusher using a compact, the grins as someone pulls a gun. Oh, and Data’s terrible accent.

The first episode which is clearly, in an unqualified sense, a good episode. At long last.

117 down, 620 to go.