Trekathon 111: Where No One Has Gone Before (TNG)

Finally a decent bit of Star Trek. This is a nice episode, which works out nicely and gives a bit of useful background to the characters as well.

This was the first time that I started to get a proper feel for Picard and Riker. Or, rather, a feel for them as they’d later be – they’d just felt ‘off’ somehow in earlier episodes.

This is also Wesley’s big episode, becoming an Ensign. Fortunately the writing for him is much better than in previous episodes, so it doesn’t come across too badly. Although the Traveller does manage quite a creepy vibe. Oh, and Wesley’s sweater is truly the most horrible thing ever seen.

But really, I’m just glad to finally see the show start the slow (and long) climb to where it will eventually be.

111 down, 626 to go.