Trekathon 108: The Naked Now (TNG)

Right. So that first two-part episode was a bit of a rocky start, but pilots are like that, aren’t they. Too many characters to establish. Now that’s out of the way maybe we can have a good episode.

No such luck. This is just bad. From the seduction of the android “fully functional in every way”, Wesley Crusher acting like the biggest brat in history, and plenty of other silliness. It was a nice idea to try a direct link to an Original Series episode, but this was a bad one to do it with.

Y’know, I’ve seen quite a lot of drunk people in my life. And, for the most part, I can’t say that they acted very much the people in this episode. A lot more passing out and talking loudly, not quite as much putting of spaceships into peril.

108 down, 629 to go. And 5,000 minutes watched.