Trekathon 106: Encounter at Farpoint, Part I (TNG)

Star Trek returns to live action TV for the first time since 1969.

In we sweep to a fantastic looking Enterprise, a cool looking Captain, and then: it’s super-powerful aliens. Again. *sigh*. Oh well, at least the Q are the apotheosis of the idea.

And really, the first 10 minutes isn’t promising. It’s incredibly talky, and then Picard very bravely cranks he engines to maximum to get out of there. Picard and Q are great, but none of the other characters get much interesting. Troi says “I sense stuff”, Worf wants to kill stuff, Tasha wants to sulk, and Data is pedantic. Actually, I have to say they established everyone pretty well in a few minutes there, actually.

(As an aside: this ‘yellow alert’ thing they started doing about two movies ago is a bit annoying. Just go for the red alert, already)

The big downfall of the episode is the trial scene, which just goes on for too long and for too little purpose.

What probably seemed like a great Star Trek moment at the time: the (incredibly lengthy) first saucer separation. I imagine at the time people thought they’d be seeing this every other week. Not exactly…

106 down, 631 to go.