Trekathon 105: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (MOV)

A lot of people rate this as the best of the movies.

I’m not sure I agree. It’s a good movie, certainly (it’s the only one that I could ever convince my wife to suffer through, at any rate). But in a lot of respects it just isn’t very Star-Trek-y.r

As a movie it tries for a lot of ‘funny’. It’s quite effective, and the fish out of water bits with Spock and the others in the 20th century are quite good. But the funny undermines the sense of danger from the alien probe. And then the alien probe plot itself is pretty silly. It feels to me like someone decided that they’d like to do a ‘save the whales’ theme, and worked backwards from there on the plot.

Overall so far I prefer *Wrath of Khan* to this one. *Khan* just feels more like Star Trek. This movie feels far too much like the mid-1980s.

105 down, 632 to go. And thanks to todays little movie marathon I’m now about five days ahead of where I need to be. Next: Star Trek returns to TV with *The Next Generation*.