Trekathon 100: How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth? (TAS)

The 100th episode of all Star Trek. It’s a mark that many franchises are very happy to reach. Of course, Star Trek would go on to reach it six more times (so far).

The episode is off to a good start in avoiding cliche. For instance, it’s nice that the ‘ancient alien who once visited Earth’ is not from western traditions. And then, before you can say ‘Kukulkan’, it seems that the away crew of the Enterprise is into a classic Lara-Croft-style mirror puzzle. Oh well. Still, this is a better attempt at the ‘Enterprise runs into an old God’ than the *Adonais* episode in Season 2. Oh, and I loved the joke about Vulcan being visited by aliens who “left much wiser”.

100 down, 637 to go.