Trekathon 078: All Our Yesterdays (TOS)

February 10th, 2010

Right in the dying moments of The Original Series, another pretty strong episode.

There are some silly bits – the musketeers who arrest Kirk, for instance. But for the most part the episode hangs together pretty well. The library/portal to the past is a clever idea, and for once the attempt to do something a little creepy and odd at the start of the episode actually works.

But the interaction between Spock and McCoy is at the heart of the episode, and it’s interesting watching the slowly developing awareness that travelling this far back in the past has changed Spock.

(Although I must admit to a moment of ‘whuh’ on that one, but time travel logic: you just have to let it go)

78 down, 659 to go. One last episode of The Original Series to go.