Trekathon 076: The Cloud Minders (TOS)

While the final conclusion of the episode (everyone is equal) fits well, some of the politics in this episode are a bit troubling by todays standards. It’s one thing to have the ‘inferior’ race. It’s quite another to have the doctor scientifically find that they are ‘inferior’ (even if reversible).

Overall this is a much more successful treatment of racism and prejudice than *Let That Be Your Last Battlefield*. It doesn’t shy away from the difficulty of the problem, or the lack of any easy solutions.

The Spock love-interest subplot is much less interesting. The girl just comes across as very strange.

Well, it took 76 episodes, but finally there was at least some recognition that the Captain being first in the line of danger may not be appropriate. Of course, that’s ignored… Also, I swear I saw Shatner’s wig almost come off in the opening fight scene.

76 down, 661 to go.